Corporate Governance

KCAP Financial has a strong commitment to good corporate governance practices. These practices provide a framework within which KCAP Financial’s Board and management can pursue the strategic objectives of the Company and ensure its long-term growth for the benefit of shareholders. The Board reviews the Company’s corporate governance principles and practices annually. The Company has adopted a Corporate Governance Policy that can be found under the Charters, Codes of Ethics and Key Policies tab of this website.

The Board is actively involved in risk oversight for the Company. Although the Board as a whole has retained oversight over the Company’s risk assessment and risk management efforts, much of the Board’s oversight efforts are conducted through the various Committees of the Board. Each Committee then regularly reports back to the full Board on the conduct of the Committee’s functions. The Board, as well as the individual Board Committees, also regularly hear directly from key officers and employees of the Company involved in risk assessment and risk management.

In particular, the Audit Committee assists the Board in risk oversight for the Company by reviewing and discussing with management and the independent auditors the Company’s significant financial and other exposures, and guidelines and policies relating to enterprise risk assessment and risk management, including the Company’s procedures for monitoring and controlling such risks. In addition to exercising oversight over key financial and business risks, the Audit Committee oversees, on behalf of the Board, financial reporting, tax, and accounting matters, as well as the Company’s internal controls over financial reporting. The Audit Committee also plays a key role in oversight of the Company’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

The full Board regularly reviews the efforts of each of its Committees and discusses, at the level of the full Board, the key strategic, financial, business, legal and other risks facing the Company, as well as the Company’s efforts to manage those risks.

The Company has adopted a Sarbanes-Oxley Code of Ethics that applies to directors, officers and employees of the Company. This code of ethics, as well as other key governance documents, can be found under the Charters, Codes of Ethics and Key Policies tab of this website.


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